Garden And Landscaping Design

Largely, it’s about the plants.

Everyone has a different idea of how to spend enjoyable time in their personal outdoor sanctuary and for each of these ideas there is a perfect garden and landscape design solution.  Over the years, we have learned most people want a great looking, low maintenance garden that will offer pleasure all year round.  Of course the backbone of this for every garden is suitable plant selection.

Chris sets himself apart from other gardeners because of his extensive knowledge of plants.  He’s learned it’s not enough to simply know which plants grow in specific climatic zones.  It’s a little more complicated.  Exposure, hours of sunlight, soil type and other elements peculiar to a plant’s position will all affect its ability to thrive.  With years of experience and education to back up his ideas, Chris can quickly point you in the right direction so your plantings help create a relaxing, serene garden.