Return Your Garden to Its Former Glory with Garden Restoration in Geelong

Your garden is a living ecosystem playing host to all kinds of trees, shrubs, grasses, birds, insects and sub-soil creatures.  Routinely, it flourishes and hibernates, explodes in growth and dies back.  These actions are the natural cycle of a healthy garden.  If left unchecked for too long, these natural functions result in a level of untidiness that renders your pride and joy an unattractive space to use.  That’s the time to call the team from Local Garden Care so they can restore your patch of paradise to its former glory.

Transforming your overgrown or chaotic garden reinvigorates both the plants and you.  Suddenly, you see an inviting and harmonious space where previously there was disorder and tangles.  By quickly and skilfully weeding, mowing, pruning, removing the dead, trimming and shaping Local Garden Care team can reclaim your garden from the jungle.  They efficiently and effectively remove the rubbish, work out any plant feeding requirements and leave your garden adding value to your house and your lifestyle.

You should know…

As a qualified Horticulturalist and Biological Scientist, Local Garden Care team is well-placed to advise on garden restoration services including –

  • Pruning, shaping and hedge trimming,
  • Weeding and spraying,
  • General and specific requirements for plants and garden features.
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