About Our Garden Care Services in Geelong

The Local Garden Care Team are passionate for all things gardens. Today, our clients now appreciate and benefit from our teams deeply in-grained love of plants and ability to care for them.

Our Team has gained knowledge through complementing university and/or gaining a Degree in Biology and a Certificate 3 in Horticulture. When Local Garden Care advise our clients about a plant’s need for light or shade, moisture or dryness, shelter or exposure they can be confident we know what we are talking about.

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Our philosophy

The Local Garden Care mission is to offer quality landscaping and gardening services which exceed clients’ expectations of value. We highlight our professionalism and eye for detail through the process of care, design and maintenance of each individual project

These days, Local Garden Cares clients receive the benefits of that training as they relax and immerse themselves in the tranquil zones of peace he is able to produce.


  • Qualified Biological Scientist and Horticulturalist,
  • Display Garden Maintenance Manager and Trainer for Australia’s best garden care centre (as judged by the Nursery and Garden Industry, Australia)
  • Experienced Landscaper, Gardeners

This lifetime pursuit of excellence in garden design, creation and maintenance continually results in satisfied customers who experience the real value of Local Garden Cares passion and skill – a garden they love to be in.

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